Can bat surveys be undertaken in Autumn?

Autumn bat survey

Can Bat Surveys be Undertaken in Autumn?

Yes, Bat Surveys Can be Carried Out Year-Round*

*well, some can!

The survey that we concentrate on – the initial bat surveys for planning applications, known as Preliminary Roost Assessments, can be undertaken at any time of year.  Bats life cycle means that they are much less active in winter, and mostly roost in hibernation sites, rather than their summer roosts. Because of this, evening surveys watching bats fly to and from roosts can’t be undertaken in autumn or winter.

However preliminary bat surveys don’t need bats to be present to be valid – we’re looking for field signs of bats such as droppings or carcasses (I know, lovely!).   So – we can still help you out no matter what time of year.

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