Bat bricks and boxes

There are many ways that bat roosting features can be incorporated into a development.  These may be recommended in a bat survey report as compensation or mitigation for the loss of bat roosts associated with a development, or to provide biodiversity enhancement to support a planning application.

Bat bricks should be positioned where they will warmed by the sun and have a clear flightpath to / from the box (i.e. not obscured by trees or buildings).  The boxes should also not be lit by external lighting, so positioning away from streetlights will be best.

It is important that cats cannot access bat boxes, as they can catch bats as they leave the roost – so no ledges near the box, and it should be at least 3m from the ground.

Some of the most widely available bat bricks are shown below.

Ibstock Bat Brick

Ibstock Bat Bricks can be made with different brick facing to match your development.

Enclosed Bat Box (B and C)

  • Designed specifically for the pipistrelle bat
  • Available in all brick types
  • Discrete home for bats
  • Various sizes
  • Several roosting zones are created inside the box
  • Bats are contained within the bat box itself
  • Maintenance free with entrance at the base
  • Ideal for new build & conservation work
ibstock bat brick

Schwegler Bat Tube

The 1FR Bat Tube by Schwegler is designed to be installed on the external walls of buildings, either flush or beneath a rendered surface. It can also be painted to match your building with an air permeable paint if desired.

  • Comprised of Woodcrete with integrated wooden panel.
  • Dimensions: 200mm wide x 470mm high x 120 mm deep
  • Entrance Dimensions: 150 x 90 x 20 mm
Schwegler 1F Bat Box

Habibat Integrated Bat Box

These boxes by Habibat can be built into the walls of new buildings to create purpose-built crevices for bats

  • Facing products include:
    • Brick
    • Stone
    • Granite
    • Masonry
    • Slate
    • Terracotta
    • Tile
    • Timber

Dimensions: 215 mm wide x 440 mm high x 102 mm deep

Weight: Approximately 7 kg