Brackenfield, Derbyshire – Bat Survey

This project was interesting as the client, with good intentions, had begun work before I had undertaken my survey.  The building, a stone farm house, had been stripped internally and was in the process of being re-roofed.  These works didn’t require planning permission and the client hadn’t even thought about bats being an issue.  I was asked to attend the site as a planning application was then lodged for an extension to the property.

I undertook the day time bat survey as best as I could do in the circumstances and was able to advise that the re-roofing could be completed without any further risk to bat roosts.  However, evening surveys were needed to support the planning application for the extension, as there were crevices in the stone work that could host bat roosts.  My approach and recommendations were accepted by the consultee, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust.  At the time of writing the planning application hasn’t been determined.

It would have been better if the client had  the bat survey completed before re-roofing to ensure that bats are protected and that the project is completed lawfully.

Do you have a project that needs a bat survey?