Kelstedge, Chesterfield, Derbyshire – Bat Survey

The Bat Surveyor completed a bat survey and report for our client in north-east Derbyshire.

The site is a bungalow in Kelstedge, Chesterfield which has been empty for a few years.  The client has two different proposals here – there was an active planning application for the construction of a new home next to the bungalow, which requires the demolition of the bungalow’s attached garage and entrance porch. A second planning application will be made after these works are completed to remodel the bungalow.

The work was booked on Monday, the survey and report completed on Tuesday and was uploaded onto the planning portal by the architect on Wednesday – you can’t get much smoother than that!

Although we found features that bats could roost in at the bungalow, we were able to split our report to make it clear that no additional work for bats was required for the first stage of works.  By taking our time on site and doing a thorough job, we were also able to confirm that the potential access points (two gaps in the uPVC bargeboards) were sealed from the wall cavities, and so bats are limited to roosting on top of the ridge beams.  It will be easy to confirm whether bats are there or not by completing activity surveys in spring or summer.

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