Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire – Bat Survey

My client is planning on major remodelling works at this house in Stoke-on-Trent in Staffordshire.  A Preliminary Roost Assessment was needed to support his planning application at short notice. It was late August and although a PRA can be done year round, if follow on surveys were also needed, we were running out of time to complete them this year. However, as always I was able to come quickly and provide the report on the same day as the survey.

There were a number of features that bats could use to roost at this property: vents in the chimney, a gap under the eaves, slipped tiles, bowed tiles, gap under ridge tiles, lifted tiles and a gap where the tiles meet the chimney.  I am often able to rule out some or all features using binoculars and a high powered torch, and I spend extra time on site trying to do so.  For example slipped or bowed tiles often appear to have a gap that leads to the roof cavity, but the tile head still blocks the gap.

Unfortunately in this case, I had to assess that the building was of moderate suitability for roosting bats and recommended two additional surveys to confirm whether bats are present.  I don’t do evening surveys myself, so that I can concentrate on quick day-time bat assessments, but I provided recommendations for local consultants who could take the project to the next step.

Do you have a project that needs a bat survey?