Chaddesden, Derby – Bat Survey

Sometimes I get asked to look for bats in unlikely places – this block of garages for example.  Here my client was asked by Derby City Council to complete a bat survey as part of an application to demolish the garages and build flats.

However, the council are quite right to request the survey as all bats are looking for are a place to rest out of wind and rain – that doesn’t need to be an old cottage or a church.  In this case though, there were very few crevices that bats could use to shelter in, and where there was a suspended ceiling in one of the garages I was able to investigate it with an endoscope. Once the survey was complete I was happy to conclude that, based on the lack of field signs and the location of the garages, there was negligible potential for bats to roost here.

Do you have a project that needs a bat survey?