Bat Survey in Hopton, Derbyshire

What a lovely spot to create a residential house from an old stone building.  This structure has lots of history; it has had various uses since its original construction but was empty when I visited (I can’t say too much as I don’t want to identify the building as planning hadn’t been submitted at the time of writing – I’ve selected images that don’t give it away either!).  The client bought the property to convert it into a family home.

I undertook a Preliminary Roost Assessment to search for evidence of bats. The building looks like it is used as a ‘feeding perch’ by brown long-eared bats, but there are lots of crevices that bats could also use to roost in.  Some of these are gaps in the external stone work that lead into the rubble infill in the walls. Although I spent some time at the site with an endoscope I didn’t find any bat droppings, but there were plenty of crevices that I couldn’t safely get to, so this is one of the sites where I had to recommend nocturnal bat surveys.

The client was supplied with a list of local ecologists who could do that work; I don’t do it myself and therefore have no incentive to recommend additional surveys.

Do you have a project that needs a bat survey?